About the Artist

At first glance, you only notice an abstract painting covered in blue and green hues. But look closer and you will see deep red markings right in the middle of the canvas through which artist Ramesh Mehta has tried to portray the bleeding of the Kashmir Valley.

-The Indian Express, Pune, March 2, 2006

The movement of his brush and vibrancy of his colours create an indelible impression on the viewers. The reason his paintings create a powerful impact is that he keeps conscious distractions to a minimum…. One can open oneself, let in the energy and spirit of the painting and allow it to dance with one’s psyche. Watching his paintings is a spiritual experience.

-Daily Excelsior, Jammu, November-2007

His poetic sensibility (yes, he is essentially a poet with several anthologies to his credit) is immanent in all the works. The lyricism and rhythm too perhaps owes their origins to his first muse – poems. Then the vibrant palette (even in works that encapsulate turmoil) is a common leitmotif.
Undisputedly, his free spirit soars high. Forms are accidental as the hint of flowers in Blooming or the bird in Flying High or the figures in other paintings. A few obvious landscapes capture Kashmir. The interplay of colours allures as in Divine, Meditation and Wanderer.

-Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, December 9, 2007

Rameshji’s works are vibrant, restless and colourful. Some works display transparency and each has poetic content. In true tradition of modern Kashmir Artists.

-Renowned Painter Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Moti Dar, Pune

Great freedom and power in colour and form.

-Shiv Singh, Artist, Chandigarh.

Creativity in colourful forms on canvas. Wonderful.

-Prabhinder Lall, Artist, Chandigarh