Ramesh Mehta is basically a creative person. He has been writing Hindi Poetry since 1968. Inspired by the natural beauty of Kashmir and colorful landscape, he took to painting in 2001. Initially he worked on paper with Poster Colors but with the passage of time he shifted his focus from Poster Color to Acrylic and from Paper to Canvas. He continued to progress in the matter of content as well as size of the canvas. He believes in spontaneity and intuition and looks for variety and experimentation. Although he has not received any formal training in Arts but he has an eye for the quality and finesse in Paintings. He had been visiting lots of Exhibitions for decades and perhaps the impressions gathered had helped him find his form. Lack of formal Art Education has perhaps given him freedom from established norms of expression as well as use of colors. He has been painting with consistency and enthusiasm which has helped him hold his One-Man Shows so frequently More